How I improved my descriptive writing

You know how some people are excellent at creating the most descriptive narratives? Wondrous descriptions of fantastical places, landscapes and characters. Dreamy castles, blood-curdling dungeons. I’m not great at painting grand spaces in my stories, I admit it. I like to get the big picture down. The dialogue that floats around in my head. WriteContinue reading “How I improved my descriptive writing”

Finding inspiration

People always ask me how I find inspiration. Who’s my muse? They assume it’s something you have, or don’t. Like, you can roll your tongue or you can’t. But inspiration is not a wacky gene in your body. It is accessible to anyone. And, surprise, surprise. It’s free and limitless. My ways to find inspirationContinue reading “Finding inspiration”

The shadow side of your character

Talking about darkness makes most people think of the villain but even the most heroic and ‘bright lights’ of protagonists have a dark side. If you want to write a convincing story, it’s probably a good idea to tap into it and see what you find. The notion of a Shadow self was coined byContinue reading “The shadow side of your character”

How do your characters express love?

My previous post discussed how to find your character’s personality type, but what about the way they communicate their love and commitment to another? For every person the way they convey feelings is different and, to maintain a harmonious relationship or friendship, you need to be aware of how your other half functions in theContinue reading “How do your characters express love?”

What is your character’s personality type?

In my previous post, I suggested that the use of psychological typologies is a useful starting point for character creation or when you’re stuck in their development. Today, we will have a closer look at the Myers-Briggs personality test (MBTI). Personality tests are controversial to some people. Recently, I talked to a friend of mineContinue reading “What is your character’s personality type?”

Putting characters into boxes

Sorting people into boxes or categories is not something I would usually encourage, but there can be an exception made if you are a writer who is looking for a starting point in character creation. Most of the time, you won’t sit at your desk and think up a character. The best main characters justContinue reading “Putting characters into boxes”